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Speed, accuracy and reliability to gain a clear competitive advantage

Our process automation solutions are based on artificial intelligence algorithms, deep neural networks, natural language understanding (NLP)
systems, and chatbot solutions implemented
in the cloud to automate human tasks.

We use proprietary and standard NLP models to do OCR, search and extract text from documents and tables, understand semantics, summarize, classify, analyze sentiment, convert speech to text, identify objects in images, etc.

Unstructured text can come from the web and SNS (scraping), pdf, mail, audio, video, etc. and it can also be combined with data from other external or internal sources (for example with a data lake or directly from operational systems such as ERP or CRM). Furthermore, our systems can also be combined with chatbot solutions.

We deploy the systems in the cloud and parallelize them when needed, so they are capable of processing large volumes of information at extremely high speeds and with an accuracy never before achieved.


The final result is presented in the format desired by the client, ranging from a report to a web panel for viewing and validating the result. In this case, a neural network can also be trained to self-learn, thereby achieving extremely high levels of accuracy for the system.


The system can also include an initial configurator panel so that the business user can easily launch the adapted process whenever he need it and adapted to the particular needs of each moment.

At AyGLOO we are experts in AI with more than 25 years doing machine learning and deep learning
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Use case

Web scraping

The field of application is huge and very wide. Some examples are:

  • Extraction of information from legal documents and filter it by new legislation as it is published in the BOE or, for example, update it with new court rulings.

  • Search for information in daily published documents and its analysis, contrasting its veracity and importance for the client.

  • Social network and internet mining to discover trends and the analysis of their content

  • Extraction of data from legal documents, announcements, newsletters, medical history, payroll, pdfs, emails, audios, videos, etc.

  • Combine analysis of external data with internal data to obtain the result that each client needs at each moment.

  • Multi-channel customer service from online systems with chatbot, analysis and automatic response, classification, redirection, etc.


We have experiences as different as:

  • Daily search for urban planning information in all the bulletins of the CCAA and provincial councils to extract the announcements and complete some fields that the client needs.

  • Search for events with certain characteristics that are held daily in the world

  • Establish an online radar to see trends by monitoring and analyzing the content of certain websites and social media accounts.

  • Perform massive daily press clipping to dozens of different newspapers and radio and TV news, clipping each news item and its parts and also summarizing it on radio and TV.

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