What is voicebot and its advantages for your company?

Advances in voice and artificial intelligence technologies have led to the development of complete voicebots, with which conversations between people and a machine can be established fluidly and with a high degree of naturalness. These intelligent bots are able to understand the natural language of people, and respond appropriately, naturally and immediately, establishing an interaction similar to that of two humans.

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company. With our services you can improve the performance of your business betting on this new technology and advantageous elements for your company as voicebot.

What is a voicebot

A voice robot or voicebot is a software or computer program based on artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology that aims to understand users' questions and doubts in order to provide them with appropriate answers spoken in a natural and close language.

Thanks to the use of advanced AI technologies such as natural language, machine learning and sentiment analysis, these voice bots are able to establish guided and natural voice conversations, providing users with agile and effective answers to their questions or doubts.

What is the difference between a chatbot and a voicebot?

Both types of software rely on artificial intelligence algorithms to provide automated, fast, accurate and natural language responses. However, a chatbot provides its answers through text chat, understanding the questions and queries that users type, while voicebot is able to understand spoken language, providing voice responses in natural language.

What is a voicebot for?

Implementing a voicebot in Spanish is a very interesting option to improve the support and

customer service of a company. These artificial intelligence software programs are ideal to

accelerate and enhance the level of the customer service department, providing immediate

answers at any time and using a spoken and natural language that people value more than a simple text chat.

More and more companies from different sectors are betting on this AI and voice recognition

technology to establish closer and more satisfactory relationships with customers and potential customers.

What are its advantages for your business?

A voicebot system is a tool that offers countless benefits to a company, among which we can


Freeing up staff time

Service and support staff are freed up to spend more time on other tasks that add value to the

business. Workers can specialize more, leaving the more basic or standard answers to the voicebot service.

Saving labor costs

A voicebot, like a chatbot, reduces the need for customer service personnel, which significantly reduces a company's labor costs.

Improve customer satisfaction

In addition to providing immediate and accurate responses at any time, a voicebot does so in a spoken form, recognizing the user's voice, which makes the user's level of comfort and

satisfaction higher.

Project a better business image

Implementing a voicebot in a company projects a better business image, related to innovation, professionalism and customer care.

It is a system that is in its infancy, so not all companies have it. Being among the first to present this type of service to your customers is a good opportunity to differentiate yourself and position yourself in a better position in the consumer's mind.

Helping to make the purchase decision

With a voicebot system in Spanish, customers can be helped to make the purchase decision, with voice responses that immediately resolve their doubts and queries.

When a user is making a decision to purchase a product or service and makes an inquiry to the company, the longer he has to wait, the more likely it is that he will go to a competitor or choose another alternative.

A voicebot helps customers and potential customers make a buying decision, helping to

significantly increase sales.

These are customizable elements

When developing and configuring a voicebot, some elements can be taken into account to customize the service, such as selecting a voice timbre, an accent, or the voice genre in which responses will be provided.

With a voice chatbot technology such as voicebot, you can significantly improve your company's customer service and support. Based on complex AI algorithms, you will be able to provide accurate and immediate answers to your customers and potential customers. In addition, these answers will be given in a natural tone, so the level of trust and satisfaction will be much higher, with all the benefits that this provides to your business.