What is deep learning and why is it important for the future of Artificial Intelligence?

Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence where machines learn autonomously, that is,

through their own experience they acquire knowledge that helps them to improve their performance and become more efficient.

Deep learning is a type of automated learning that is having a great impact in different sectors today, as it allows problems to be tackled more efficiently and easily.

Next, we will see what deep learning is, how this new technology can be applied in a company and what are the main advantages it brings.

What is deep learning and what is it for?

Deep learning is a type of machine learning that is based on the functioning of the human brain, based on the interaction of its neural networks. The definition of deep learning indicates that it is an ideal technology for processing data, recognizing objects, identifying conversations and languages, and, in short, facilitating decision-making.

In deep learning, the human component necessary for learning, which is characteristic of

machine learning, is eliminated. In this type of artificial intelligence, the lack of dependence or need for human involvement in the learning process is its main characteristic.

Deep learning works on neural networks and therefore different types can be differentiated based on them: CNN or convolutional neural networks, RNN or recurrent neural networks and GAN or antagonistic generative neural networks.

How deep learning is applied

Deep learning technology is nowadays applied to different fields within business and industry, among which we can highlight:

Banking sector

One of the main applications of deep learning today can be found in banking and financial institutions.

It is commonly used for financial fraud detection, i.e., to detect suspicious behavior that occurs

during digital transactions in order to develop proactive prevention and action techniques.

Marketing, sales and customer service

Deep learning is applied with very good results to understand the needs of customers and thus develop products and services that really meet their demands. In addition, deep learning allows to enhance customer service, working autonomously, efficiently and immediately in the answers to doubts and incidents of the same.

For example, using a plug-in for WooCommerce or PrestaShop you can use deep learning to show products to customers based on their browsing in the e-commerce.

Health care

In the healthcare sector, the use of deep learning is also having a great impact, as we can see in efficient detection systems for diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's or osteoporosis.

Other applications

Let's look at other interesting applications of deep learning:

  • Object recognition (in factory production processes).

  • Facial recognition for security systems.

  • Text translations.

  • Voice recognition.

  • Interpretation of natural language.

  • Identification of images, photographs and videos.

  • Development of autonomous vehicles.

Benefits of deep learning

Deep learning is an artificial intelligence technology that eliminates people in the machine learning process. The main advantages that deep learning provides for companies are:

Cost reduction

Deep learning ensures that the machine learning process is carried out autonomously, i.e. without human intervention. This feature allows companies to save on personnel costs.

In a system based on deep learning, results are obtained without the need for the attention of a user or operator, as it is an independent system when working.

Works with all types of data

Deep learning requires large volumes of data to be able to perform optimal learning independently.

This technology will escape from working with structured and unstructured data, which is a great advantage, since the latter are the majority of existing information.

High profitability

Although the implementation of deep learning technology in a company can be a costly and complex process, once implemented it offers a high return on investment, i.e., the benefits obtained are much greater than the effort made.

Flexibility and scalability

This machine learning technology is very flexible and scalable and can be easily adapted to the needs of the company at any time.

Deep learning algorithms scale up or scale out in relation to the amount of data they work with.

We have talked about deep learning, what it is and what it is for, showing the main reasons why it is a great alternative to improve the performance and results of your company.

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