What is artificial intelligence applied to Human Resources?

The human resources department has become one of the most important areas of today's companies, because managing efficiently the human capital of a business brings countless advantages in today's market.

Artificial intelligence applied to human resources is revolutionizing the management and

improving the decision making of companies in terms of their employees and selection processes, and serves as an indispensable tool to attract valuable talent to the business.

How Artificial Intelligence is applied in HR

There are many ways in which artificial intelligence is being used in HR. Let's take a look at some of the most interesting ones:

More efficient selection processes

Recruitment in companies is a fundamental process to be able to select the best candidate for the job positions and thus guarantee a high level of productivity and competitiveness of the business.

AI is applied in the selection processes to be able to select the best candidates, analyzing

autonomously and efficiently if they really meet the requirements for the position.

Thanks to the application of artificial intelligence, companies can make better decisions when hiring personnel, reducing the relevance of the curriculum and giving more importance to the behavior and capabilities of candidates during the different phases of the selection process.

Talent retention

Using complex and sophisticated AI algorithms the company can analyze its employees for

valuable information such as:

  • Determine the behavior of high performance teams.

  • Identify the people with the greatest capacity for leadership.

  • Detect workers at greater risk of abandonment.

  • To find out the real degree of staff satisfaction.

Improve training plans

With AI, it is easier to design training plans that improve the training and skills of workers. In

addition, it facilitates other decisions regarding employee training processes, such as the ideal frequency of courses and training actions or the selection of the most interesting areas that most motivate workers.

Intelligent data management

Today's companies handle large amounts of data about their employees, coming from different communication channels. AI applied to HR helps to analyze all this information and extract useful knowledge for the business (helps to make better decisions regarding the company's workers).

Intelligent data management avoids cognitive biases that prevent making decisions based on

objective and real data. AI avoids making personnel decisions based on subjective judgments

based on first impressions or one-off actions.

Task Automation

Artificial intelligence helps to perform many of the usual tasks and processes in the HR

department in an automated way. In this way, interesting benefits are achieved, such as the

elimination of manual errors, the acceleration of processes or the freeing up of time for HR staff that can be dedicated to other important or value-adding tasks.


One of the strengths of artificial intelligence is its great ability to make very accurate predictions. This feature applied to human resources helps in many aspects, such as detecting work peaks to adapt the number of workers needed to deal with them, for example.

What are the benefits of its application?

Artificial intelligence applied to human resources management offers a series of very interesting advantages for the company, among which we can highlight:

  • Optimal selection of workers. AI ensures that the company selects the best candidates for each job position, avoiding the hiring of personnel who are not really qualified or trained to perform the functions.

  • Cost reduction. The application of artificial intelligence in HR manages to reduce the costs of personnel management and the operation of the company in many ways (less investment in selection processes, task automation, time optimization...).

  • Attracting and retaining talent. With AI in human resources it is easier to attract talented candidates to the company, as well as to identify the best qualified and high performing workers, to offer them the best conditions and to keep them in the company.

  • It fosters a new corporate culture. AI helps to extend digitalization and the use of new technologies in all areas of the company.

  • It helps to implement new technologies. AI is a technology that works together with other technologies to get the most out of them, such as big data, virtual reality or gamification, for example.

Artificial intelligence applied to human resources is a very interesting alternative for companies to get the most out of their human capital. In Aygloo.com we are specialists in the implementation of AI and automations for companies and we can help you to apply this new technology so that you can enhance the human resources of your company, improving the degree of satisfaction of workers, which implies a higher performance and involvement with the business.