Technology trends for businesses in 2022

In the midst of the economic and health recovery process following the end of the pandemic, we can see how technology has not ceased to advance and is becoming increasingly important in the daily lives of people and companies.

Technological advances for businesses, such as artificial intelligence, big data, the internet of things (IoT) or augmented reality, will take on an increasingly relevant role in 2022, make our lives simpler, more comfortable and convenient, and help companies optimize their processes and offer higher quality products and services to their customers.

Let's take a look at some of the most interesting technology trends in business in 2022.

Sustainability and environmental care

The awareness of caring for the planet is increasingly spreading around the world, where governments, companies and individuals are beginning to prioritize sustainability and care for the environment in their decisions.

This trend towards renewable, reusable and green technologies has a major impact on new

technologies. In 2022 we will be able to see how the number of new technological devices that are committed to energy efficiency is much greater. The fact that a device consumes less energy and uses clean and renewable energies is increasingly appreciated by consumers, which is why technology companies are investing more and more in R&D to offer environmentally friendly products.

Artificial intelligence applied to business

Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence will be one of the big bets of companies in 2022. Implementing new AI models in a company will make it possible to automate many processes, reducing costs and freeing up workers' time to devote to other important tasks.

Artificial intelligence applied in a company offers the great advantage of making better decisions, analyzing the available information more quickly and accurately, and avoiding typical human errors.

With AI, companies can bet on a data-driven model in 2022, in order to extract useful knowledge from all the information they handle. The integration of artificial intelligence in the enterprise together with other new technologies such as cloud computing, machine learning or big data will be increasingly common, even in small and medium-sized companies.

The blockchain

One of the technological trends that have greater strength today is the blockchain or blockchain. This system used by cryptocurrencies has the ideal characteristics to be applied in different ways in a company and achieve a higher level of security in its transactions (monetary, documentary...).

Large companies are beginning to bet on this new technology that guarantees data integrity and privacy and does not require an intermediary to achieve it.

Gaming as an industry and methodology

We can see the great impact that streamers who base their content on video games are having, with millions of visits and global repercussion in all media. Gaming is becoming more important every day and many of the new video games are big movie blockbusters where a large number of people work and many economic resources are consumed.

In addition, new methodologies are emerging from the gaming world that are beginning to be applied in other sectors (such as gamification or design thinking in digital marketing).

Technology applied to health

The rapid advance of new technologies and the new global awareness generated in recent years about the importance of health, shows us a 2022 full of innovations in healthcare or technology applied to health.

Telemedicine, artificial intelligence and big data applied to the development of the Covid 19 vaccine or the use of IoT medical devices are clear examples of the importance of technology in the health and wellness sector.


Another clear trend in 2022 is the commitment of companies to cybersecurity. The massive attacks suffered by companies in recent years (mainly ransomware, DDoS and phishing) have highlighted the need to invest in cybersecurity.

This year we will see the market flooded with cloud-based cybersecurity solutions, secure VPN access and different training options to become cybersecurity professionals.

In 2022 we may see corporate cybersecurity investment skyrocket, with many companies implementing the concept of security in all their business decisions.

Technological trends in companies in 2022 present a very interesting panorama where we can highlight technologies such as data science or artificial intelligence. The evolution of these new technologies in recent years allows companies to use them efficiently today to enhance and optimize different business processes.