Intelligent automation: what is it and how is it used?

Artificial intelligence has become one of the technologies that is having the greatest impact on business and industry. AI combined with big data and process automation gives rise to automated intelligence, a very important concept that is capable of raising companies to a new level in terms of productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.

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What is intelligent automation?

Intelligent automation consists of combining the analysis of large volumes of data with intelligent automation technology based on software control and orchestration, i.e., automation of a company's processes and tasks through the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning.

Intelligent automation seeks to manage and orchestrate people, machines, systems and processes so that they work optimally at all times, which helps to reduce time, effort and costs, and improve decision making, as well as achieving higher quality in the products and services generated.

What is intelligent automation based on?

We can say that this type of automation based on AI and big data is based on four key points:

  • Business Process Management. BMP or Business Process Management is a technology for automating processes that integrates people, data and systems to improve efficiency.

  • Robotic Process Automation. RPA is a type of technology that aims to automate repetitive, tedious or dangerous tasks through robots and software in a way that reduces human intervention.

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning. With AI and machine learning, human intelligence is simulated so that machines can act like humans and make their own decisions (key to improving process automation).

  • Systems integration. To make different technologies such as big data, AI, RPA work together optimally.

Processes that can be automated and how to apply automated intelligence

Automated intelligence is nowadays embraced by a large number of companies in search of

objectives such as efficiency, resource optimization, and the improvement of their business processes and tasks.

There are many processes and tasks that can be intelligently automated within a company,

from manual processes that are repetitive and performed by operators, to decision making in relation to different aspects of the company, such as price adjustments, customer service or orders to suppliers.

Let's see how to apply automated intelligence in a company in an optimal way.

Analysis of processes and tasks

The first step to efficiently apply automated intelligence in a company is to have a thorough

understanding of all the processes and tasks that are routinely performed in the company.

This information is used to evaluate which processes are the most interesting or productive to

automate, to create a list of priorities for automation, and to better understand the technical aspects that will be necessary to carry it out.

Selecting the appropriate technology

To implement intelligent automation it is necessary to use tools appropriate to the needs of the processes to be automated in the company.

A poor choice of intelligent automation tools and platforms will have an impact on the results obtained, something that can lead to losses or even prevent the achievement of the improvement objectives pursued.

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Monitoring and follow-up

When intelligent automation is implemented in a company, it will severely change the way things used to be done, with a major impact on procedures, staff work and tasks. To ensure that the implementation is carried out properly and that the objectives set are achieved, it is important to monitor the entire process in order to evaluate its evolution and take the necessary corrective measures.

Choosing the right metrics and KPIs (metrics associated with a specific objective) is essential for good monitoring in the process of implementing automation intelligence in a company.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data allow companies to improve their systems, processes and tasks through intelligent automation. This type of automation offers great benefits to any company such as reduced time and costs, improved quality and performance, increased productivity and competitiveness, and better customer service.