AYGLOO customer stories:

Updated: Feb 22

Company: VisuaLurb - Urbanismo Visual SL

Industry: Digital urban planning services

Products and services: Digital urban planning products and services

Website: https://www.visualurb.es/

Our solutions on this Project: Daily update of the urban regulations of Spain published in the Official Bulletins of the town councils and autonomous communities.

Before: Challenges and Opportunities: Technologically, make daily scraping of more than 60 websites, download the newsletters, select and clip the urban planning announcements and identify a series of fields contained in each announcement.

Why Aygloo: Why you have successful experiences in AI projects applying your own NLP models to documents without structured text made in a massive way and with daily processing.

After: Value-Driven Results. Dispose immediately upon publication of any regulatory change in urban planning in any municipality in Spain. Project rigorously done meeting commitments, deadlines and cost.