Artificial intelligence products that are a success

Artificial intelligence is already present in our daily lives, as we have access to a large number of products that use AI to perform their functions more efficiently. Products with artificial intelligence are commonplace in the market and help people and companies to have a better standard of living and to cope with their daily tasks with less effort and greater chances of success.

AI is no longer a project for the medium or long term future, but rather current products and services that improve the operation and results of any business. For this reason, professionals, organizations and companies rely on products based on artificial intelligence, as they can improve their processes and offer a better experience to their customers and potential customers.

5 artificial intelligence products that are triumphing on the market

Applying artificial intelligence in a business brings numerous advantages such as the automation of repetitive tasks, the reduction of human errors, the improvement in decision making or the increase in quality and productivity.

Let's look at five examples of artificial intelligence applied for business that are having great success.

1. Customer service chatbots

One of the applications of artificial intelligence in products used by companies are chatbots. These are automated chat systems based on artificial intelligence that are implemented in websites and online stores to offer a better service to customers.

The application of artificial intelligence in these chatbots allows them to respond to users' questions and queries automatically, using natural language (as if it were a person responding).

These elements significantly improve customer service because they are available 24/7 and respond immediately to users (reduction of customer response time).

We can find examples of this type of artificial intelligence application on insurance company websites or in many successful e-commerce sites.

2. Process automation

Process automation is another of the applications with the greatest impact on the business and industrial sector. Robotic automation based on artificial intelligence makes it possible to speed up production processes, eliminate human errors and learn over time to perform them more efficiently (machine learning).

The automation of processes with AI has enabled the emergence of cobots or collaborative robots, whose function is to work alongside technicians and operators to free them from the most dangerous or repetitive tasks.

3. Data analytics

Artificial intelligence coupled with big data allows companies to efficiently analyze the huge volume of data they handle through different communication channels (social networks, phone calls, web forms, emails, voice chats...).

Extracting useful knowledge from all this data is possible thanks to the use of AI algorithms capable of detecting patterns and making predictions, so that the company can take advantage of opportunities and trends in the market.

4. Personal assistants

Personal assistants have been developed thanks to the implementation of complex artificial intelligence algorithms. Examples of these assistants, such as Apple's Siri or Google's Alexa, allow voice commands to be given and devices to carry them out by understanding the natural language that people use.

The application of this type of assistants in companies allows them to offer a better user experience to their customers, in addition to expanding the number of people they reach (for example, the elderly for whom it is easier to do things with voice commands).

5. Video surveillance systems

Machines and devices with artificial intelligence are being used in the enterprise to improve their performance. For example, in the area of security, video surveillance cameras controlled by facial recognition software are becoming increasingly popular. This type of software is based on artificial intelligence, and is able to detect through images different patterns in people's faces in order to identify them by comparing them with images in a database.

We have talked about artificial intelligence and cases where it is successfully applied in the business environment. The five cases of the use of products with artificial intelligence in the company are just one example, as we can find many others such as those applied to logistics and transportation, cybersecurity, sales, financial analytics...

To get the most out of the processes and tasks that your company performs, bet on implementing the best systems and solutions based on AI. In Aygloo we are experts in artificial intelligence for business and we offer our services so you can embrace this new technology that will allow you to grow and differentiate yourself from the competition.