Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity: what is their relationship?

More and more companies are investing in artificial intelligence focused on improving and enhancing the cybersecurity of their systems and services, something that can be seen in giants such as Microsoft, IBM, Google and Amazon.

Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity are two concepts that go hand in hand in today's era to create a modern, proactive approach to a company or organization's security.

Relationship between artificial intelligence and cybersecurity

When establishing the relationship between artificial intelligence and computer security, it is

necessary to differentiate between two different approaches:

1. Artificial intelligence and cybercrime

More and more attacks are being carried out by cybercriminals who rely on complex artificial

intelligence algorithms to breach computer systems and services.

For example, the use of intelligent bots are commonly used by cybercriminals to carry out joint attacks on systems (denial-of-service attacks) or to carry out mass mailings (spam).

2. Artificial intelligence to enhance cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are valuable elements in improving the protection of the modern and complex IT infrastructures used by today's enterprises.

In an environment where everything is intercommunicated (IoT or internet of things) and where cloud computing services are essential for the daily activities of companies and individuals, artificial intelligence provides the necessary tools to meet challenges such as early detection of incursions, identification of attack patterns, anomalous behavior in networks or the deployment of proactive defenses, among other cybersecurity actions.

Thanks to machine learning algorithms, cybersecurity systems can automatically learn from the different attacks and risks to which they are exposed, in order to make better decisions in real time that significantly increase the protection and security of the systems.

How to improve cybersecurity with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become a key tool for the IT security of companies and organizations

because it allows them to react efficiently to cyber attacks in real time, one of the biggest threats today, where systems and services are available 24/7.

Let's look at how artificial intelligence can improve cybersecurity in a noticeable way.

Securing authentication

One of the biggest cybersecurity risks comes from users. Artificial intelligence applied to the secure identification of users makes it possible to protect systems from access with false identities

or brute force attacks by creating an extra layer of security for services and systems.

Data center monitoring

Data centers are the cornerstone of the cloud services used by companies, professionals and

individuals in their day-to-day work. The protection of these data centers has become essential to ensure secure access to cloud services, which are always available, regardless of the time or day they are accessed.

AI helps to track and monitor data centers automatically in real time, allowing immediate reaction to any type of attack or suspicions about possible illegal access.

In addition, artificial intelligence helps data centers to optimize their resources. In this way, they can offer their services more efficiently and at lower costs.

Vulnerability management

Vulnerability management is key to closing the doors of access to cybercriminals, as it makes it more difficult for them to illicitly enter systems and services.

Artificial intelligence is capable of identifying attacks against system vulnerabilities even before they have been corrected, thus facilitating the measures to be taken to avoid their negative


Network behavior patterns

Artificial intelligence allows you to identify common patterns of user behavior on a network. This information allows it to detect when a user is not following them, keeping an eye on them to avoid a possible attack or information theft.

With the application of machine learning for the protection of a computer network, AI learns from the patterns generated by the traffic in the network, and thus helps to create better security policies and to implement more precise controls on applications, services, data access...

Artificial intelligence is a quantum leap in securing a company's IT infrastructure. Although

cybercriminals also use AI to boost their malicious and illicit attacks, machine learning and artificial intelligence for cybersecurity have become essential tools that must be implemented in an enterprise in order to protect its data and systems optimally and in real time.

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