Our Mission

Help companies with their business processes applying the latest AI techniques powered in cloud computing to make business more reliable and rise the performing at a low cost.

  • Take better decisions with Machine Learning


Our Story

AyGLOO was born in 2018 when a group of professionals with a long experience in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, but also in cloud computing, came together to develop a general business project of Big Data and artificial intelligence.

In 2021, the company changes its name to be called AyGLOO and to focus on a consolidated and pioneering business project to help companies seeking:

1. Automate and optimize business processes applying AI to improve efficiency and have a full control of cost.

2. Develop a innovative product to turn “black box” AI models into a trustworthy and accountable


The final result in both cases impact in finance (more revenue and/or lower costs), improve productivity and better brand image.


Experienced Leadership

Process automation and optimization.

Automate core multinational business processes applying NLP and advanced text analytics to process unlimited of documents with no formal structure (pdf, mail, audio, video). Projects in:


  • Insurance:

    • Document source: mails

    • Final result: Mail classification and new categories proposal

  • Media Press, TV videos and radio audios

    • Document source Press in pdf, and radio and TV news in audio and video file

    • Final result: JSON file that contains each news item of the tv or radio news or newspaper, differentiating each of the parts of the news. In radio and tv news programs, summarization is included

  • Services (legal)

    • Document source. Document in pdf

    •  Final result: excel with structured data extracted from the document

  • Services (Urbanism)

    • Document source. Web scraping

    • Final result: segmentated urbanism ads and a segmentation table containing may fields with data extracted from multiple web

Data-driven decisions

  • Apply Machine Learning models for churn, segmentation, cross-selling including NLP and advanced analytics in from mails

    • Customer Care Services ​

Process Optimization

  • Gaming company

    • Apply Reinforcement Learning in online recommendation gaming systems