Dive Into the New Age of Artificial Intelligence 

Process Automation

Our process automation solutions are based on AI algorithms, deep neural networks and natural language understanding systems deployed in the cloud to automate repetitive human tasks.

Our systems extract data and classify unstructured text from web scraping, pdf, mails, audio/video, etc. The solutions we deploy in the cloud are capable of processing large volumes of data in parallel, allowing extremely high speeds.  

These systems are applicable to written documents (pdfs, mails, etc.), web, social networks, audio and video.

Advanced text analytics
  • Legal documents > Company memories, legal sentences, etc

  • Press clipping > Newspapers, magazines, TV and radio news

  • Health > Clinic history documents, invoices

  • Customer service > Emails, phone calls, mkg campaing

  • Audios and videos


Process planning and optimization with Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning is the most powerful AI technique which allows for complex problems solving.

Emulating the animal brain, reinforcement learning models decide the action to take based on reward-punishment model.

Reinforcement learning is especially useful in problems involving planning.

  1. Customer life-time value (CLV) Optimization

  2. Digital marketing / Selection by customer profile

  3. Online product recommendation / individual or clusters

  4. Custom pricing adjustments /last minute offers

  5. Customer segment description

  6. Sequential RL learns strategies and planning over time

  7. Customer journey

  8. Resource Planning and optimisation

  9. Investment fund management


Data-driven decissions

Take the decisions based on data extracting insights with supervised (for decision making) and unsupervised (for clustering and data matching) Machine Learning models to improve your sales, productivity, finance and/or image.

  1. Customer segmentation

  2. Forecasting

  3. Cross selling

  4. Churn prediction

  5. Marketing Campaigns design

  6. Behavior pattern discovery

  7. Health / Hospitalization prediction and other hospital key factors

  8. Manufacturing / Production quality

  9. High quality images analysis

Our Differential value: Analysis of non-structured data & explainable AI

Social Network & Internet Mining

Online Radar

  • Set up a radar on the Internet and social networks to monitor what and who you need to get high-value information.

  • Web scraping, NLP, etc.


Business insights on social networks

  • Measuring brand value through web scraping and/or text sentiment analysis (angry, like/dislike, fear, joy, sadness)

  • Segmentation of users in a social network (opinions about the company, types of users, characteristics and relationships)

Product segmentation in a social network

  • Example: segmentation in a group of users and by age ranges (types of products they are interested in, sentiment analysis on product reviews).