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Data-driven decisions

Extract value from data to make the best business decisions

Process automation

Leverage artificial intelligence to automate and optimize repetitive human tasks that require natural language understanding

Explainable AI

Understand AI models and the output with an intuitive Explainable AI solution aimed at business users without technical knowledge

Team of experts with more than 25 years in ML and DL projects

Explainable AI

Explainable AI is artificial intelligence in which the results can be understood by humans.

• Our AyGLOO XAI product explains your existing AI models and their datasets from an intuitive, configurable and easy to understand dashboard.

• We also build AI models from scratch with embedded interpretability.

AyGLOO XAI includes its own powerful explainability and fairness algorithms.


Apply Artificial Intelligence techniques based on proprietary algorithms and NLP (Natural language processing)
techniques to automate repetitive
human tasks.

We adapt to your needs our own and standard

NLP models deployed in the cloud that allow us

to process huge amounts of documents in a few minutes.


And we leave the system ready to adapt to your current needs and their evolution over time.

Data-driven decisions

Extract value from data by applying Machine Learning techniques to improve sales, productivity, finances or company image.

We apply reinforcement learning (RL) when

necessary, which are a set of AI techniques that

allows to solve very complex problems for conventional AI, such as planning, optimization

and recommendation,

AI with Cloud Computing

The automated or optimized process implemented in the cloud with Artificial Intelligence increases the performance of the process in unprecedented proportions with other traditional techniques.

Unlimited capacity to process large amounts of data in a few minutes. Take data from any source and deliver the result in the desired format. 


The outcome improves reliability and allows you to dedicate resources to higher value-added processes, improving business efficiency.

Unprecedented Speed

Impeccable Reliability


Full data process



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